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Donna Ashley

6th Grade Science/Computer Applications

Mrs. Ashley


Welcome to 6th grade science.  These are the exciting topics we will explore together.

1st Six Weeks -  Intro: Processes for Scientific Investigations

                           Unit 1: Properties of Matter

2nd Six Weeks - Unit 2: Elements & Compounds

3rd Six Weeks -  Unit 3: Energy Resources and Transformations

                           Unit 4: Thermal Energy

4th Six Weeks -  Unit 5: Force and Motion

                           Unit 6: Solar System

 5th Six Weeks - Unit 7: Layers of the Earth

                           Unit 8: Plate Tectonics

 6th Six Weeks - Unit 9: Taxonomic Groups

                           Unit 10: Ecosystems


Classroom expectations – 

  • Be in your seat and ready to work when the tardy bell rings.

  • Practice good listening skills and follow directions.

  • Respect others and their property.  Be polite!

  • Follow all lab instructions carefully.  Wait for instructions before beginning labs.

  • Obey all school rules.


Bring to class everyday – 

  • Science 3 ring binder

  • Warm-up Spiral 

  • Sharpened pencils

  • Student planner (provided by the school)


Science Binder – Each of the following sections should be separated with a tabbed divider.

  • Notes 

  • Daily Work

  • Labs

  • Tests


Grading Policy – 

  • Daily Assignments will count 60%

      Lab reports, Homework, and participation grades 

      Work should be turned in on time. The highest grade a student can earn

        on late work will be a 70.

  •  Major Assignments will count 40%

      Unit tests, Projects, and Warm-up quizzes 

      You will have the opportunity to complete test corrections to earn a

       maximum of one-half of the missed points.


Donna Ashley

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